Evaluation of  experience program offers those with any previous ministry training and experience- life time credit.  We also accept diplomas, courses, certificates, training, and/or credits received from church seminars or classes, schools, bible institute etc. that did not or do not award degrees with their program(s).  We will transfer these credits, experience, or courses taken into our credit system and apply them toward one of our degree programs. Some students have enough experience/training already for an earned degree! You can also take an exam towards any of our diploma programs or write an essay if you have lost your other certificates or cannot verify your experience.

-A Distant learning program for your personal home convenience. This program allows you the flexibility of completing your degree at your own set pace and time table. Once your coursework is complete, you can graduate at any time.

-On site campus centers for weekly instruction and fellowship. We currently have regular campuses for local students to weekly participate in sound biblical education and edification. In addition to our regular campuses, we also hold monthly weekend college via our Orlando Center. Anyone willing to travel to sunny Florida for a weekend of classroom instruction, practical seminars, fellowship, and recreational leisure time can participate. Our weekend college is an accelerated program which does offer credit towards a degree.  Also visit other campus in your area.
We offer:
 Annual graduation ceremony in Florida, for all students who have received a degree. All students may participate regardless of how their degree was awarded.

Local students may also complete programs by participating in a combination of both on site and external studies program.
The Mission of Isaiah College is to provide students with a Christ centered education in a full gospel community marked by academic excellence, shared responsibility, personal and professional growth, service to one another, faith in God, and dependability on His guidance, Truth, and comfort; to be a voice of change, impacting nations with the Gospel! This school is an intimate College that seeks to nurture a sense of integrity, spirituality, and faith in the Word of God.

The College educates students to identify and to address issues of social justice and to work toward systemic change through prayer and personal worship that the Spirit of God may provide instruction that they may become vessels of honor used by God for His purposes in the earth. 

Isaiah College of Ministry is an accredited Non Profit, Full Gospel bible training center designed to equip believers for the work of the Ministry. Our goal is to help students study the Word of God in a more practical way.  (Our Accelerated Degree Program can be completed in 3-6 months) If you have previous experience or training, you may convert this into our credit system an receive your diploma as well.